Lola Lollipop: Animals Are Evil

Animals Are Evil was recently featured in VegNews! Comic strips, original artwork, and quotes about vegetarianism, evil farm animals, and diabolical sea creatures.

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“Help rid our world of all evil! Eat as many animals as possible!”

Using many comic strips and quotes not available on this website, the book expands on some of the site’s most controversial themes around animals: animal cruelty, animal rights, vegetarianism, veganism, humanity, and more.

Thought-provoking quotes from the world’s foremost spiritual gurus, animal rights’ activists, philosophers, and humorists are coupled with the sarcasm of the Lola Lollipop comic strip. Heartening and hilarious quotes from Mark Twain to Stephen Colbert, Gandhi to Ellen DeGeneres, Isaac Bashevis Singer to Michael Pollan, John Robbins to Paul McCartney, create an inspirational collection for people who love animals and people who love eating them.

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Comments about Lola Lollipop

“With wit and wisdom, Lara Matthews uses cartoons to provide a message we all need to hear.”
—Zoe Weil, President, Institute for Humane Education

“I love your Lola Lollipop character and your cartoons. What a wonderful way to challenge conventional thinking.”
—Brenda Davis R.D., Co-author of Becoming Vegan and Becoming Vegetarian

“If you love animals, you’ll love Lola Lollipop! Cartoonist, Lara Matthews has the unique ability to not only capture, but to hold to scrutiny, the ironies and inconsistencies in our crazy culture. When it comes to society’s views about other species Matthews holds to light what desperately needs to be said. And she does it with warmth and humor!”
—Jacquie Lewis, President, SPEAK, Supporting and Promoting Ethics for the Animal Kingdom

“Great humor—with an edge!”
Ruth E. Heidrich, Ph.D., Ironman Triathlete, Author of A Race For Life, CHEF and Senior Fitness

“Lola Lollipop is a fantastic comic. Lara does a great job of combining humor with topical issues in a way that everyone will love.”
—Harry Pianko, President, VegMichigan

“We absolutely adore your comic strips, they are so sweet and contain such a powerful message. We love the story behind the little girl who has to discover the world on her own. By using comic strips, you are helping to appeal to people that would not normally be interested in animals.”
—Oliver Squire, Action for our Planet

“Lara’s vegetarian comics have an amazing way of saying so much in so few words. Love it!” 
—Jacqueline Bodnar, Founder, Daytona Beach Vegetarian Society

“Lola Lollipop’s curious and thoughtful attention to making more compassionate food choices is both relatable and witty. I wish more people thought about where their food comes from!”
—Corey Roscoe, Ohio Campaign Coordinator, Mercy For Animals

“The combination of quotes with comic strips is a brilliant way of asking people to think about the way we treat our fellow creatures. On behalf of the animals, thank you Lola Lollipop!”
—Kristin Beach, Director/Treasurer, Niagara Action for Animals

“Thanks for your wonderful comics! I’m sure that many people who view them will find themselves questioning their own ethics and actions in regard to their use (and abuse) of animals.”
—Monica Ball, Founder, Peoria Area Voices for Animals

“These comics are very cute and clever, and I love how they include a poignant quote underneath the strip. Thank you for all that you do to help promote a more compassionate lifestyle and to raise awareness about the plight of the billions of non-human animals who suffer needlessly.”
—Kimberly Dreher, Program Administrator, VegFund

“Wonderful comic strip! Comedy is often the best way to express the truth.”
—Julie Curran-Meskell, Director, Orange County People for Animals

“I’m so happy that you’re using your artistic and creative skills to not only entertain but also educate people about proper dietary habits and animal welfare issues. I especially like the pairing of the comics with the quotes. Thanks for all you do to help the animals.”
—Chris Derer, American Anti-Vivisection Society

“Keep up the great work for the animals. Humor is one of the best ways to get a point across, and your comics are a blast. I know the animals appreciate it.”
—Mary Chipman, St. Louis Animal Rights Team

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